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24" x 48" x 16" Ace Float

Buoy: 581 lbs

Weight: 39 lbs


SKU: 2448-16
    • Covered by 15-year manufacturers limited warranty against manufacturing defects with 100% non-prorated replacement for 1st 10 years and prorated for the balance of the warranty
    • A blow-molded outer shell that is 30% stronger than the toughest roto-molded shells
    • 80% more resistance to damage from collisions/impacts at low temperatures than other designs
    • Built-in mounting flanges for a strong, positive connection to your dock frame
    • An EPS foam fill,steamed for minimal water absorption
    • External mounting flanges and slots for easy installation without compromising float integrity
    • Tank-tested buyancy ratings to be within +/5% of published buoyancy ratings
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