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Time to get brainstorming.
We recommend that your dock should be built with 4x6 lumber on the perimeter of your dock.  Your stringers and crossmembers generally can be 2x6 lumber.  However, if you are fastening 2 floats onto one stringer, you may want a 4x6 at that attachment point, as a 2x6 doesn't give much extra room.
Docks designed with ThruFlow decking have stringers spaced 15"-18" depending on the size. Trex decking must have stringers spaced no more than 12". 2x6 decking lumber may have stringers at 24" apart.
Need some inspiration?
These designs are tried and true. Visit the photo gallery to see what other Alaskans have built.
4 x 20 frame
8 x 20 frame
6 x 20 frame
10 x 20 frame
What makes Ace floats the right choice?
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